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With years of flavoring, formulation and solubility expertise, we can take your chemistry to the next level of taste and performance.


We are experts in tablet formulation, compounding, flavoring, coating, compression and production. We even offer custom dies and colors.


If you mix it, blend it, roll it, cook it, coat it or stick it together, we can commercialize it and produce it at volume in our commercial kitchen.


Have you outgrown your craft capacity? Use our scale and expertise to bottle your beverage, cooking oil, tincture or any other bottled product.


Two part capsules are a mainstay in consumer products. They are great for ingestion but hard to produce in large volumes. We have you covered.


Chocolates, candies and confections are an art in themselves.  Our team of confectionary artists have decades of combined experience to serve you.


It can be a challenge to weigh, portion, measure and place your products into complex packaging.
We are your one stop solution.

Flow Wrapping

Do you have a granola bar, chocolate bar or piece of candy that needs a professional look? Add our full color films and nitrogen flow wrapping.


Creating labels and packaging that are both attractive and compliant can be a challenging feat. Our teams can take your packaging to the next level.


Your products are great, but are they accurate, compliant and safe for consumers? We can test your products so they are ready to go. 

Stick Packing

Take your products to the next level of professionalism with stick packing. We offer both liquid and powder stick packing services in full color films.


You have everything made, printed, and in bulk, but how do you kit, complete and ship that 10k unit order in 1 day? Call Infusion Factory!

Sell your products in market without huge investments
in facilities or equipment

Use your time to build your brand, not worry about manufacturing headaches

The 4 P’s to Launching a Consumer Product

Preparing a product for the market can be a challenging and time-consuming process.  It is filled with pitfalls and fail points that can cost valuable time and money.  Having an experienced partner can make all the difference.  Here are a few questions that may help structure your project plan and set expectations for time and cost. 

Step One:  Planning 

Every project requires thoughtful consideration and structure.  This is the process of preparing and configuring your idea(s). 

+ Do you have a Brand?
+ Have you defined your Goals? 
+ Is the business Legally Structured?
+ What is your Budget & Timeline?
+ Who will be Driving your Project?

Step Two: Products

Configuring a product is more work that some may think. This step requires you to develop and define everything your product contains.

+ Is your Product Formulated?
+ Have you found the Packaging?
+ Is your Marketing Layer Complete?
+ Did you Pass Legal Review?
+ Have You Found your Ingredients?

Step Three: Process

A well defined product needs well defined processes and production plans.  This step commercializes every  supplier, step, time and temp.

+ Is your Process Documented?
+ What are your Batch Quantities?
+ What are your Quality Parameters?
+ How many Hours of Manpower?
+ What are Project Lead-Times? 

Step Four: Production

With product and process in-hand,
its time to quote your configuration and place an order for your first batch of market-ready products. 

+ YES: Products are Configured.
+ YES: The Process is Defined.
+ YES: Samples are Approved.
+ YES: Suppliers are Ready.
+ It’s Time to Quote and Produce. 

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